Barbie’s favorite color hot pink is BACK, seen amongst the likes of Brad Pitt, Karlie Kloss, Kris Jenner, and Heidi Klum. And they are not taking this trend lightly, rocking pink head to toe, it is pretty hard core, or should I say Barbiecore? Celebrity stylist defines Barbiecore as “anything that references the fabulous world of Barbie,” including shades of pink, exaggerated proportions, and sparkles galore. Although this trend may seem girlyish and kitschy, the trend is about reclaiming womanhood and femininity by emboldening people to stand out in the crowd in a fierce shade of pink. The return of Barbiecore has made me eagerly on the lookout for a monochromatic pink suit to make a fabulous statement in the business scene amongst the dull rainbow of grays, navys, and blacks.  

To be inspired by celebrity Barbiecore looks, view this TikTok! You can also be inspired by me as a 5 year old child model, rocking an early version of this trend.