Adapting sustainability into your everyday life can come in many forms, one being sustainable investing. Sustainable investing can be defined as “a range of strategies in which investors include environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) criteria in investment decisions and investor advocacy.” 
This can look like investing in green organizations, such as those that work towards renewable energy, water use, and conservation, or more traditional environmental saving techniques. However, that is just the beginning of investing possibilities. 
Another form of sustainable investing is social investment. This can look like investing in social causes such as gun reform and avoiding tobacco organizations or oil organizations. By investing along with your values, you are supporting environmental protection, which is part of sustainability. 
The last aspect of sustainable investing is corporate governance. This can look like investing in organizations that have policy practices that you agree with, such as incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion or supporting fair minimum wage. Participating in sustainability does not have to just be reducing your carbon footprint; it can take on many forms, such as investing.