If you get a period, you’re most likely familiar with the annoyance of period products. They’re expensive, and more often than not, very picked over at CVS. What’s more, they’re not great for the environment. The plastic that’s in pads and tampons often ends up in landfills or water. However, while your period and these products are still annoying and usually necessary, they don’t need to be bad for the environment. Here are a few alternatives:

If you want to buy more sustainable period products, but are hesitant to try unfamiliar products, try buying tampons made from sustainable materials! Many companies now offer tampons made from biodegradable or more environmentally friendly alternatives to the materials commonly found in tampons. This article lists nine environmentally friendly tampons you can buy. Additionally, you can buy tampons that use cardboard applicators to reduce the plastic waste that comes with typical tampon applicators. 

You can also try the menstrual cup. You can insert and remove it, leaving it in for up to twelve hours. This is a great eco-friendly alternative to the usual options, as it can be reused multiple times. While it does require some cleaning between uses, this is an excellent sustainable period product to try out!

If pads are normally your go-to period product, try out reusable ones. Brands such as GladRags make reusable cloth pads that you can wash between uses. Not only are these good for the environment, but they save you money in the long run!