Maximialism is taking all of our closets by storm and just in time as POP! has curated a collection filled to the brim with one of a kind pieces. This collection was inspired by the resurgence of unique and standout pieces as a way for individuals to stand out against the constant cycle of fast fashion trends.
This doesn’t have to mean neon colors and abstract silhouettes either, sometimes the most standout pieces simply take something we’re familiar with and tweak it just a little bit. Whether that's a plain cardigan turned to knit print or a pleated maxi skirt with insect print, the possibilities are endless. When shopping for items like these, keep in mind things that can still be incorporated into your daily wardrobe while adding a fun twist to your typical look.
There’s something for everyone and every style in the Maximalist collection, and what's a more sustainable way to diversify your wardrobe than with POP!?


Layna Teitelbaum